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About Rocio

Quick facts:

  •  I am Texan by way of Chicago by way of Mexican parents
  •  I currently reside in Houston, TX with my husband and two pups
  •  Iced Americanos  + Moscow Mules as my beverages of choice
  • I  love looking at other people’s vacation photos
  • I like my fish Swedish and my beans jelly

Oh, hey there, you want to know more? Okay.

 I can't remember exactly when it clicked for me, when I first knew that I wanted to be a photographer. I can however, remember always loving photographs and images. I can also remember being in college and knowing that my current path, public relations, was not for me. And that's where it officially started. So after more years in school than I'd like to post here, I graduated with two degrees. One B.A. in Public Relations and in B.F.A. in Photography and Digital Media. 

I love photographs. I love to take photographs. I love everything that a photograph can say. But, above all else, I love what a photograph can make you feel. It’s amazing that a childhood photograph of your significant other can make you fall in love with them all over again. It’s magical how looking at an awkward school photo from the sixth grade can make you giggle and drown in happy nostalgia in a matter of seconds.

I would love to take photographs for you and your family. But, more importantly, I would love to capture the memories that will make you love again, laugh with all of your heart and soak you in nostalgia.

Contact me for more information. I would really like to get to know you and help you capture your memories!

Stop by my Instagram to get a peek at my day to day and say hi!