Thank You 2015

I've tried my best to do a roundup of my "favorite" or 'best" photos from 2015 but it has been nearly impossible. I am of course sharing some images from some of my clients below but, honestly I have loved every single client I had this year. I am so grateful for the amazing people that have trusted me to capture milestones, projects, and moments in their lives.  

One of the best things about being a photographer is all of the awesome people that come into your life. These clients made it possible for me to take a big leap and take my business full time so I will forever be grateful. 

Woo, I can't believe this year is almost gone. It's been a big one for me! Thank you so much for working with, following along on Instagram and Facebook, and just generally being a part of my life and work! 

And because I really can't say it enough, thanks 2015, you were a blast!