Ovarian Cancer Awareness

Did you know September was Ovarian Cancer Awareness month? I didn't, until recently. Earlier this month I had the honor of photographing a great group of Houston bloggers for Judy's Mission. Since then, I have been trying to educate myself on Ovarian Cancer, a topic that should be important to all women. 

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"According to the National Cancer Institute, roughly 21,290 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in 2015—yet 14,180 women will also die. The five-year survival rate for the disease is just 45.6 percent, compared to breast cancer's roughly 90 percent. Often, since early-stage symptoms of the cancer are very mild, we don't catch ovarian cancer until it's too late. In 61 percent of cases diagnosed, the cancer has metastasized, which reduces five-year survival rates to just 27.4 percent."

The paragraph above was a startling realization. Learning that there is currently no early detection for ovarian cancer has also been eye opening. These two articles are great, full of important digestible information, and I definitely recommend you take the time to read them. 

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Thankfully organizations like Judy's Mission are working hard to raise awareness and doing what they can to help in aiding those who can create a test for early detection .

I rarely make an appearance on my blog (especially when I've been at an early morning shoot with little to no makeup) but I was more than happy to join in, in the effort to spread awareness for this cause! Thanks for reading, now head over to Judy's Mission to learn more and get Megan's book for a heart warming and hilarious first hand account from a Ovarian Cancer survivor.