Wise Words #16

I have found my new motto or catchphrase or mantra. Not really sure which one it qualifies as but I've found it!


Honestly, it sounds both incredibly hard and easy all at once. "Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier." What an incredible life I would live if I was able to do this with everyone I came into contact with, right?! I will try my best to do this in my personal life but I will always ensure I do this with any clients I am lucky enough to meet. I mean that's the whole reason I got into the game! I love the rush of giving someone tangible happy memories to hold on to.

Keffeler Family - Houston Lifestyle Photographer

Hi guys! Last week I got to enjoy a couple of hours of sunshine with this adorable family! I want to share the whole session. I mean ALL of it because they were such a pleasure to photograph but I will hold myself back and share just a few.

Family Photographer Lifestyle

How adorable is that baby boy?! Those big blue eyes are going to have all the girls swooning. Like I mentioned above we were lucky enough to get a break in what seems like Houston's longest rainstorm in order to snap these. I'm so excited about how warm and sunny they are!

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is getting explore Houston in search of new spots to photograph in. I was so excited to find this sweet little park by their home. They didn't really know it was there so it was also great to introduce them to it, I hope they get a lot of use out of those swings! OK, I can't help myself here are a few more!

family photography RCS

Boeke Family - Houston Portrait Photographer

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the Boeke family in their beautiful home. Here's a little sneak peek  of their session! 

Lifestyle Photography Houston Family Portraits

They are such a lovely family and I was so excited to take their portraits. Aren't they all such stunners?! They're oldest daughter was in town for only a week before she needed to head back to Oklahoma where she is attending Oklahoma State University and I am so glad we were able to squeeze in a session. If you're all in Houston, then you know the rain has been crazy this spring, so they luckily had a beautiful pergola that kept us safe from the drizzle and the clouds provided one giant soft box for beautiful lighting! Those two things equalled a great session! 

Yeah Couples!

In March I was lucky enough to attend an amazing photography workshop called Photo Field Trip. It was an incredible experience. During my time there I participated and a few shoots and it is a shame I am just now sharing them! Below are some of my favorites from a shoot that the wonderfully talented Ben Sasso and Katch Silva lead. 

Rocio Carlon Studios Lifestyle Photography
Houston Photographer Rocio Carlon studios Lifestyle

What an awesome couple right! Hallie and Alec were also attendees at Field Trip and I love that they volunteered to have the camera turned on them. 

I have so many more images that I love from my time at Field Trip and I promise I'll be back with more!